Some benefits of music lessons

So, here’s my first ‘proper’ blog post. I will post things here that may be of use to students learning the piano, or parents/guardians of those learning the piano, and maybe the odd general musical post. I thought a good place to start would be to mention some of the benefits of learning a musical instrument such as the piano. Of course, this post here doesn’t mention the musical and personal benefits of this… that’s a post for another day!

  • Students learning a musical instrument will develop their ability to focus on a task for long periods of time. The need to reproduce complex rhythms and frequently adjust decisions on rhythm, fingering, pedalling, tempo, style, can train the brain to become very good at concentrating on numerous tasks at once. The focus and concentration developed here can transfer to study skills.


  • The patience and perseverance needed to learn a new skill, and the mastery of a new skill can improve a child’s self-esteem and help to develop a positive outlook when facing challenges.


  • The increasingly complex patterns that will need to be followed in each hand and the use of each hand independently will improve a child’s fine motor skills. Learning to play the piano trains several sensory, cognitive and motor systems all at once. Students will develop their hand-eye co-ordination, memory for sounds, and listening skills.


  • Kids will be exposed to many different styles of music, and potentially music they may not have heard otherwise. They may develop an appreciation for Classical composers such as Mozart and Beethoven. My students explore many different styles of music – pop, folk, jazz, all Classical eras.


  • A study was once done in which 6-year-olds were assigned to a year of free lessons in keyboard, voice, drama, and a fourth group assigned no free lessons. IQ tests were taken before and after the year of free lessons, and music students saw an increase in IQ of 2.5 points more than other 6-year-olds.